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Bead made of avventurina






Bead made of murrina







Oval bead


   How to Arrive to Murano:

From P.Roma (the autobus and car station): Take the number 42 vaporetto to Murano,  :36 : 56 OR take the DM (Direct Murano vaporetto).
From Ferrovia (note: “ferro” in Italian, means “iron” and “via” means “to go.” Therefore, ferro + via  = iron-go, or train station. Pretty clever, huh?): Take the number 42 vaporetto to Murano or the DM (Direct Murano to zoom
From San Zaccaria (very near S. Mark’s Sq.): Take the number 41 vaporetto to Murano OR  take the number 5 direct vaporetto.
From Fond. Nove: Take the number 41 or 42 vaporetto to Murano. Many of the passengers who step on at this stop will be old ladies carrying bouquets of flowers. When you see them, then you know you’re on the correct vaporetto because before stopping in Murano, it stops on the island of San Michele, which is the Venetian cemetery.

Note: The ferry boats that go to the islands of Torcello and Burano all depart from the “Faro” vaporetto stop. While you’re waiting for the ferry boat, you can have a snack in the Bar al Faro, located right in front of the vaporetto stops.
Once you arrive in Murano, the first stop will be Piazzale Colonna. At that stop, once you get off, you will find men who are authorized by the Comune di Venezia who will indicate to go to the “glass factory”. This is a TOURIST TRAP and should be avoided at all costs. If you want to see the glass demonstrations, go to the ones that are listed in the "Glass Making" page.

For more information regarding vaporetto tickets and timetables, check ACTV.


   Where to Eat:

Ristorante ai Vetrai, Fond. Manin 29, Tel. 041 739 293   041 527 4838

Pizzeria Marlin, 53 Fond. Vetrai, Tel. 041 739 131

Trattoria al Corallo, 73 Fond. Vetrai.  Hours:  12:00 – 3pm and 4pm – 8pm.

Da Tanduo, 67/68 Fond. Manin, Tel. 041 739 310  Closed on Tuesday.

Trattoria Busa all Torre, 3 Campo Santo Stefano.  Hours:  11:45am – 3:30pm.  Closed on Monday.

Pianta Leoni, Riva Longa 25, Tel. 041 736 794


   Where to Stay:

Newly constructed mini-apartments for rent by-the-week.  Luigi Cattelan.   Tel. 041 736 995.

Pensione al Soffiador, 10-11 Viale Bressagio (near the “Faro” vaporetto stop).  Tel. 041 739 430.


   Useful addresses:

Police - Mula Palace, Tel.  041 739 334

Carabinieri - 1 Fond. Venier

Post Office - 48 Fondamenta Navagero,  Just near the “Navagero” vaporetto stop.

Public Toilets  - P. Colonna, Open 8am to 6pm, Cost is € 0.50

Public Telephones  - P. Colonna, Faro, Museo, San Bernardo, and in most restaurants

Pharmacy Communale “Colleoni” -   39 Fond. Vetrai


Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia, 130 Fondamenta Vetrai, Hours:  8:30am – 1:30pm. and then from 2:45pm. – 3:45pm.

Banco  Ambrosiano Veneto, 60 Fondamenta Manin.  Hours:   8:20am. – 1:20pm and again from 2:35pm to 3:35pm.

Travel Agency 'Sole Luna', 75 Fondamenta Manin,  Hours are 9am - 6pm.  Closed on weekends.